Gloria Santiago is a visual artist, intersectional feminist, and social activist from Philadelphia, PA. A product of immigrant parents in an urban melting pot, her main objective is to catalyze community development through beautification and cultural education.

Gloria's work is experimental and incorporates an array of media and surfaces, ranging from digital to mural arts. She is primarily inspired by surrealism and street art, and her pieces draw upon social and political issues, as well as music and other elements of pop culture. She creates both original and commissioned pieces with a style that can only be described as eclectic.

Gloria is a former curator of HERspace Arts Festival. Her work has been publicly displayed with The Big Bad Radio Collective, Philly Art Collective, REC Philly's Underground POV, etc.

Gloria was named Spring 2017's "Inspiration in our Community" by Motivos Magazine.

To learn more about Gloria's work, visit the Portfolio or Contact for collaboration, show, or commission requests.